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About Kirsten Janz

Kirsten's nutritional practice began over thirteen years ago as a parallel to her career in health care. However, her interest in alternative health developed at a very young age after experiencing her own unique health struggles. During this time, she discovered alternative medicine and a whole foods diet, which brought her a great appreciation and understanding for holistic based health care. As a result of overcoming her own challenges, she has made a career out of her passion for empowering others to make healthy meal choices and adopting wellness principles that will improve the overall quality of life. Kirsten specializes in nutrition for digestive health, hormone imbalances, allergies, weight loss and men’s health. However, she has a keen interest in sports nutrition and physiology.

On a personal note, Kirsten resides in Maple Ridge, BC with her young family, and spends much of her free time in nature, reading and when time allows, travelling the world. She is also the owner/operator of Whole Body Health and Wellness; an innovative, multi-disciplinary health and wellness centre located in the heart of Maple Ridge, BC.

Kirsten holds a bachelor’s degree in the Social Sciences from Simon Fraser University and the designation of a R.H.N., with honors, from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). She has also furthered her practice by becoming Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition and has been trained and certified as a Raw Foods Chef. She also holds certificates in both Immunology and Sports Nutrition.

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My job as a holistic nutritionist is not simply to tell you what to eat. Albeit this is a part of what I do, my job actually goes far beyond the scope of just recommending healthy eating.  


During our sessions together, I will work with you to identify your individual symptomatology, unique health history and wellness goals in order to get an overall understanding of your current health situation. This enables me to help you identify what your body needs in order to start the process of restoration and healing.  


An important part of what I do is to help you find a way to make diet and lifestyle changes that are sustainable. We all have our limitations; whether it be our busy lifestyles, our families’ unique taste buds or our favorite vices such as red wine and chocolate, our limitations are a part of who we are and so they too will be a part of the plan I create for you.  Working with me you will likely hear the words “everything in moderation”. This is truly the principle I follow when creating any new plan for clients.


We cannot follow a cookie cutter approach to health and wellness; our uniqueness is what identifies us, and so it is important to me that you are able find and sustain balance during the process of making changes and healing yourself.

"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." - Mark Caine

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