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Individual Sessions and Packages
1 Hour of Nutritional Consulting - $95.00                                      
5 Nutritional Consulting Sessions (5 hours total) - $450.00          
10 Nutritional Consulting Session (10 hours total) - $825.00
Body Composition Analysis- $60.00    
Includes a body composition analysis with printout/email and a 30 minute session with our nutritionist.  The analysis  is conducted using a mobile bio impedance device that assesses body composition such as: Body Fat %, Hydration Levels and Water Balance, Cellular Health (or Phase Angle), Inflammation Markers, BMI and Approximate Caloric Intake for Body Mass.

Full Intake Package - 2 hours - $199.00                                    
Includes a one on one assessment, body composition analysis and a personalized holistic plan that not only identifies specific dietary recommendations, but also suggests natural supplementation and ways to improve exercise or lifestyle choices. You will also receive personalized meal ideas and recipes. Includes 30 minute in-person or phone follow-up.

Follow Up Session - .5 hours/1 hour - $55.00 / $95.00                           
Includes a one on one in person or telephone follow up at your convenience. Have questions you would like to discuss, need further direction on dietary changes or just feel you would like you would benefit from some more guidance on meal planning? Feel free to book a time with us.

Personalized Meal Planning with Recipes             
Includes personalized meal planning, grocery list and applicable 
recipes for you or your family. Will take into account food allergies and preferences. 
2 Weeks - Individual - $350.00
2 Weeks - Family - $450.00

1 Hour Grocery Tour - $105.00                                                   
Spend one hour with a nutritionist in your local grocery store to help improve food choices and creativity in the kitchen.






Health and Wellness Packages


4 Week Whole Body Detox - $499.00                                                  
A full four week nutritional program that helps your body rid itself of those unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and allergens, while also offering challenges that help to balance the mind. Great for those who suffer from fatigue, general feelings of un-wellness, sleep problems, diets of excess, problems with weight loss and digestive issues. Includes a detox plan, weekly challenges, body composition analysis, two follow up appointments and one month of unlimited infrared sauna sessions

Lose 10, Get Healthy! - $299.00  - By far our most popular program!
A 5 week personalized weight loss program that addresses both your weight loss goals and your underlying health issues. This package includes, body composition analysis and printout/email, full health history and assessment with review of recent blood panel, 4 week personalized diet, supplement and exercise plan, 3, one on one coaching sessions with a nutritionist and unlimited email support.

Meal Plan Your Way to a Healthier You! - $549.00
In this 4 week program, you will work closely with a nutritionist not only to set goals, but to identify any health issues that may be slowing your progress through blood work and a body composition analysis. Working with the complete picture, our nutritionist will build you a 4 week personalized health and\or weight loss meal plan that includes grocery lists and applicable recipes to ensure you lose the weight and are eating healthy too!

This package includes,  Body Composition Analysis and Printout/Email, Full Health History and Review of Recent Blood Panel, 4 Weeks of Personalized Meal Planning (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks), 4 Weeks of Grocery Lists and All Applicable Recipes and 2, One on One Coaching Sessions with Assessment the Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Unlimited Email Support.

Service-Meal Planning
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