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Client Testimonials



"I came to see Kirsten with very specific weight loss and health and wellness goals. Thanks to her guidance and support, I was able to achieve all of them in just three months time!"

-Sean 42, Langley BC

“Kirsten Janz has been great to work with and has provided me with useful tools and knowledge to utilize for many years to come. Upon attending Whole Body Nutrition, I had many health issues/concerns that plagued me and my diet and focus were lacking.  Kirsten truly listened to what we discussed during our visits and worked diligently to pin point areas of concern as well as potential areas of focus for me.  She provided realistic suggestions and guidance, which got me back on track and in turn healthier and feeling great!  I look forward to a continued healthier future supported and encouraged by Kirsten.”

-Sabrina 43, Langley BC

"Kirsten has a great holistic approach to nutrition. She got to know me as a friend and developed a plan for me that not only helped me overcome my health issues, but also helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. I am now more aware of the role nutrition plays in your overall wellbeing and I owe that to Kirsten!"

-Melissa, 20, Vancouver BC

“Very informative and great service. Happy with results and feeling great after 4 weeks. Would definitely recommend to others!”

-Leah, 39, South Surrey BC

“I had struggled for months trying to figure out how to manage my health problems. Kirsten really listened and provided me with a focused plan that helped me get my health back on track. I highly recommend Kirsten’s services”                                                                         
-Wendy, 59, Langley

"Kirsten has a great personality with an “outside of the box” approach to a complete healthcare plan. She is always willing to help when needed”

-Rhonda, 44, Maple Ridge, BC

"I would recommend Whole Body Health and Wellness to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing. I started to see Kirsten last October when I was looking for help to lose weight in a healthy realistic way. The previous years, I worked on two degrees, and with the busy life, came the convenience of fast food and on the go type meals, which unfortunately meant I was at my heaviest weight ever. When I got engaged last summer, I knew I didn’t want to be that weight and sought out Kirsten to help. I am a picky eater, so most mainstream diets just don’t work for me. Kirsten focused all my meal planning and suggestions towards food I actually like. When my work schedule changed drastically, she adjusted my meal plan schedule to what worked for my new schedule and lifestyle, which really helped me stay on track. 

The other reason I sought out Kirsten, was not just for weight loss, but to feel better overall. After experiencing years of gastrointestinal issues and feeling nauseous on a daily basis, I knew I needed a real change. Kirsten worked at a very individualized level for what MY body needed. It was the best thing I have done, because I have not felt this well and healthy in years, and I have to give thanks to Kirsten for all the help and nonjudgmental encouragement.  I was able to lose approx. 25-30lbs, and gained my confidence back. And she also got me to quit drinking Pepsi, which I thought was an impossible task!

Overall, a great experience going to Whole Body Wellness. Love the easy online booking, and the receptionist is always friendly. I will definitely continue to use these services."

-Teela, Maple Ridge, BC

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